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Review on Tarte's amazonian clay foundation for oily skin?

loved the consistency, but the coverage was not as thick as i hoped

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You're so pretty! (: Where do you get your clothes? Ah, jealous of your face!!

don’t be jealous, my face is only worth as much as you let it. i’d rather you find something to love about yourself instead of being jealous. i shop swap meets and vintage boutiques mostly

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what happened? what was that post about? :(

which one are ya referring to?

my love for you absolutely consumes me in the best way possible

i don’t think meeting you was a choice. i don’t think we just happened to become friends. i don’t think our paths crossed just by chance. from the moment i met you it was so painfully clear. i’m not sure if time finally decided to be on our sides, or maybe we just defied time itself? does something ever feel so certain inside of you that it kind of eats you up? i’ve never been able to hold onto a secure image of someone for so long. you are so distinguished. you know who you are in all of the ways i wish that i did. most of the time it doesn’t even feel real. i’ve never been able to grow with someone, rather away from them. but you changed that. thank you.

it’s so hard to put on a happy face to everyone around me when inside i am literally churning with anxiety and fear.

She lives the poetry she cannot write.
Oscar Wilde  (via wethinkwedream)

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